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find two consecutive even positive integers whose product is 624

find two consecutive even positive integers whose product is 624

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Hi Ilse, Let x=first even number then x+2 would be the next even number. (x)(x+2)=624. x^2 +2x=624. x^2 +2x -624=0. Factor or use the quadratic formula. (x+26)(x-24)=0 x=-26 or x=24 We want the positive solution so x=24 and x+2=26 24*26=624 so it works.

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Hello llse,
First you need to define your variables.  Think of what consecutive even numbers would be......
2, 4, 6,.....      10,12,14,16....   Etc.
what if I started with x?
well it takes +2 to get to the next number, so the variables I need are:
x: the first positive even integer
x+2 : the second positive integer
Secondly, I need to "interpret" the English word product to the math operation MULTIPLICATION.
this means my equation is
x(x+2) =624
x^2 +2x =624  distribute the x to both factors in the parentheses
x^2 +2x -624=624-624. Move all parts to one side of the equation
x^2 +2x -624=0. Simplify, now factor because it is a squared equation
(x-24)(x+26)=0 two numbers that equal 624when multiplied but 2 when added together 
x-24=0. And x+26=0.  Set each factor equal to zero and solve
x=24.       And x=-26. Simplify
x+2=26.   and x+2=-24. Finding the second even integer
But wait, the problem wants POSITIVE even integers so 2 of the solutions DO NOT work (-26,-24, they are negative) be careful sometimes you get extraneous ("extra") solutions, look at your defined variables.
the solutions we want are 24 and 26. 
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Let the first consecutive even positive integer be x
That means that the next positive even integer will be x + 2
now the product (multiply them) will look like this:
x(x +2)
that equals 624
x(x + 2) = 624
x2 + 2x = 624  
set the equation equal to zero by subtracting 624 from both sides
x2 +2x - 624 = 0
(x - 24)(x + 26) = 0
Thus x = 24   OR x = -26
But we must use the 24 because of what the original problem says "even positive integers"
So the next consecutive even positive integer will be 24 + 2 which is 26
Now check:
24 times 26 IS 624
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Hey Ilse -- since the numbers are "next to each other," a square root can start us ...
625 = 25 x 25 ==> 24 x 26 will do it ... Best regards :)