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1.8c = 5.5

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4 Answers

1.8c = 5.5  This problem becomes a lot simpler if you write it as
(1 8/10) c=5 1/2  or that (18/10 )c = 11/2
Now divide each side by 18/10 and have c=11/2 ÷18/10=11/2 × 10/18 = 110/36 =55/18.
Now if you need inaccurate approximations, feel free, to use your calculator or do the division by hand.
If you do this problem by hand, you would divide 1.8 into 5.5 (don't forget to move the decimal points over one space to the right for each.
18 divided by 55 (move decimal points over one place to the RIGHT) = 3.05,  I am not sure how far out (decimal points) they are asking for.  Follow the instructions if it indicates go to so many decimal places.  On a test, I think two or three decimal places would suffice.  Be sure to ask the teacher if you are not sure.  No sense in overworking the problem if you don't need to.  Don't forget to ROUND UP if the next decimal place is => 5.
3.0556 approximately 3.056, if they want two decimal places it would be approximatley 3.06.
To solve for c, divide both sides of the equation by 1.8
1.8/1.8=1  so the left side of the equation is now 1*c or more simply, c
5.5/1.8 is about 3.05556 for the right side of the equation
finally c=3.05556
If you are solving to find what C equals you need to simply divide both sides by 1.8 to get C by itself.