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Simplify. Assume all variables represent positive real numbers

Simplify assume all the variables are positive real numbers 

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If you remember,  a√x = x1/a
and x(a•b) = (xa)b
we can take your eqn 3√x6y5
and convert it to
 3√x6y5 = (x6y5)1/3= x6/3 y5/3 
x6/3  simplifies to xbecause 6/3 = 2
y5/3  simplifies to y(3√y2)  because y5/3 = y(3+2)/3 = y3/3 y2/3 = y(3√y2)  which doesn't look very simplified,but it is
so your answer would be
x2y (3√y2)