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the paper is1200 words long and u type 20 wpm its3:50 can u finish the paper before 5. please help me

a verbal model question  write a verbal model,assign labels,use labels to translate your verbal model into an equation

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Heather G. | Math and Geosciences TutorMath and Geosciences Tutor
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Here's some thoughts to get you started on solving the problem:
To determine if you can finish the paper before 5pm, you must first calculate the number of minutes between 3:50 and 5pm. 
Once you get the number of minutes you have to write the paper, you need to multiply by 20 wpm, because you can write 20 words per every minute you have.  The answer you get will tell you the maximum number of words you can write in that timeframe between 3:50 and 5pm. So, if the answer you get is greater than 1,200, then you can finish the paper in time.
Good luck!
Ron S. | Expert in Test Prep, Science, and MathExpert in Test Prep, Science, and Math
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Wow, I must think backwards - 
First, I would divide 1200 words by 20 words/min, yielding 60 minutes.
Second, 60 minutes is an hour and it's 3:50pm, so you'll done at 4:50pm, 10 minutes before the deadline.
Third, no time for coffee or bathroom breaks!
Hope this helps . . .
Margaret G. | Experienced - Patient - Energetic - Understanding - Caring TutorExperienced - Patient - Energetic - Unde...
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Great answer Heather. 
To see this answer from a different view ...
1.) Find out how many minutes there are between 3:50PM and 5:00PM... 
                       (1hour 10 minutes)= 70minutes
2.) Divide  1200 words by 20 (words per minute)  =  60
3.) Subtract the total time you have and the time in which it will take to type: 70-60 = 10
4.) Therefore... the paper can be typed within the time frame, with 10 minutes to spare.
For future word problems, simply think logically...  have fun!