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how do you solve this problem the long way137/6?

division problem work out the long way


this is going to be tricky, but here goes: The way i was taught was more of a picture than a basic explanation. It will look similar to this _22_ 6|136 -12| 16 12 4 now here's the difference depending on the level of elementary math. They will either ask for the response of 22 remainder 4 OR go into decimals. To do this, just add a decimal after 136 and add as many 0's as you need How this process works is essentially by multiplying 6 by each of the numbers above the 'box' in a particular order so that you get integers(numbers) that can be subtracted from the portion of 136 you're working with. If this didn't help you, i'll go into a step by step.

1. draw the 'box' this is essentially the half rectangle that surrounds 136. should look something like: ______ | 2. put the number you're dividing by left of the box and the number you're dividing into it so: _____ 6|136 3. you're going to attempt to divide the numbers by 6 one after another. your first attempt is 1/6 but because 6<1, you're going to ignore it and move on to the next one. 6<13 so you're going to see how many times 6 "goes into" 13. because it's twice, you're going to put a 2 over the box and multiply 6 by 2 getting 12. at this point you'll subtract 12 from 13. so far it should look something like this: __2_ 6|136 -12 1 4. You're almost done! drop 6 down next to one to make it 16. simply repeat this as many times as you need to in order to get an answer the teacher will accept. Make a note that this 'long division' takes a long time and can result in a very ...long number. Best of luck

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I worked this all out in Word, did a Print Screen and saved it in Paint, but could not paste either in here, so, since others have already solved the problem for you, the best I can do is offer you a way to remember the steps for doing long division: DMSCBR - Divde, Multiply, Subtract, Check, Bring down, Repeat, and describe what you do in each step using this problem as an example:

Step 1 - DIVIDE: Divide the first number in the dividend (the 1 in 132, in this case), by the divisor (6, in this case). If the divsor can't go into the dividend (and 6 can not go into 1) add the next digit in the dividend (in this case, you put the 3 in 132 with the 1 and get 13. 6 does go into 13, so you can proceed).

Step 2 - MULTIPLY: Multiply the answer to the previous division problem by the divisor (in this case, it would be 2 x 6).

Step 3 - SUBTRACT: Subtract the product from the previous step (in this case, 12) from the number(s) in your dividend you used to do step 1 (in this case, 13. So with this problem you'd do 13 - 12, which equals 1).

Step 4 - CHECK. Make sure your difference (the answer from the subtraction in Step 3, 1 in this case) is smaller than your divisor. If it is, you can proceed with step 5. If not, you have to check your subtraction, then your multiplaction, then your division uintil you find out where you went wrong. In this problem 1< 6, so you can go on.

Step 5 - BRING DOWN. Bring down the next unused number in your dividend (in this case, you'd bring down the 2 in 132. When you put it next to the 1 from step 3, you get 12 again).

Step 6 - REPEAT. In this case, "repeat" means go back to step 1 and do the steps in order until there are no numbers left in your dividend to use in Step 1. You might have a remainder, you might not. In this problem, 132/6, there is no remainder. (If you are NOT USING remainders in long division and are using decimals instead, you would put a decimal point after the last number in your dvidend, then start writing zeroes after it and repeated the steps again, DMSCBR, until you get a 0 after you subtract in step 3, or until you notice a repeating pattern in your decimals such as .93939393 ....)

Now, what's the mnemonic devise - the easy way - to remember what the letters are for each step and what they stand for? Substitute the following phrase. The first letter of each of the words in the phrase is one of the letters in DMSCBR: Drive My Silly Car Back 'Round. (D rive M y  S illy C ar B ack 'R ound. DMSCBR. Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Check, Bring down, Repeat.)

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137 divided by 6. Using the boxt method, put 137 inside the box, and the 6 to the left of it. Next, divide the 6 into the left most placeholder which is 1. Since 6 cannot go into 1, you will use the next placeholder as well. So, 6 goes into 13 twice with a 1 remainder. The first digit of your answer will be a 2. Next divide the 6 into the remainder of 1. Again, this cannot be done, so you will drag the next placeholder (7) and use 17 as opposed to 1. 6 goes into 17 twice, with a remainder of 5 with no more placeholders to divide. Therefore, the answer is (22r5), or (22 and 5/6).