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what symbol u can put instead of the questions mark, with the SAME symbol?......(5?5+5?5=11)SAME SYMBOL!!!

this is a pre-algebra math problem, but i have no idea how to do it.... so how can u get 11, with 4 fives, same symbol sign instead of the ?marks, and there's a + sign in between....


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2 Answers

The only thing that works is a decimal point in place of the question marks.

5.5 + 5.5 = 11

5+5+5รท5 = 11


This was my first thought, but the symbols replacing the ?'s have to be the same.

Treat the two "?"s as two blanks. Then you see the answer.

By the the answer is not unique.

The only symbol that works in place of both ? is a decimal point. The question states that it needs to be the same symbol replacing both question marks.

It's my fault. I didn't read the problem carefully.

Good job!

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