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How Do You Graph This Equation 6x+y>-6

How Do You Graph?


Is It Possible To Show On A Graph,,, I'm Really Bad At This Style Of Math & I'm A Visual Learner
The line should be DASHED (< or >); solid lines indicate ≤ or ≥.
If you look at the image below, you will see that the line we graphed is y=-6x-6.
The first point we tested (0,0) is in the shaded region.  We knew to shade that region because (0,0) satisfied the inequality.

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Graph the line 6x+y=-6.
   y=-6x-6; slope = -6, y-intercept = -6
Pick a point above and below the line; does the point satisfy the inequality?
  Above (0,0)   : 6(0)+0>-6; 0>-6 TRUE
  Below (0,-10) : 6(0)+-10>-6; -10>-6 FALSE
Shade in the region that satisfies the inequality.
  Above the line was TRUE - shade
  Below the line was FALSE - do not shade