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What math subject is after complex analysis?

What math subject comes after Complex Analysis for physics and electrical engineering majors?

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With Complex Analysis you have reached the end of the sequence of undergraduate analysis courses:
Calculus I -> Calculus II -> Calculus III -> Differential Equations -> Partial Differential Equations -> Real Analysis -> Complex Analysis
There is no math class with Complex Analysis as a prerequisite.
Parallel to the analysis track physics and engineering majors should take these math courses:
Linear Algebra
Numerical Methods
Advanced Probability and Statistics
For theoretical physicists, courses in Differential Geometry and Topology will also be useful.


Also, is Numerical Methods and Numerical Analysis the same thing? What's the correct name for this math subject?
Numerical Methods and Numerical Analysis are the same thing. It's applied math. It's about using the computer or calculator to find approximate solutions for problems that are hard or impossible to solve exactly. You may already have seen some of these methods, like Newton's method or Euler's method, in your calculus and differential equations courses. Very important for engineers. You should take the course, it's fun!
You're welcome, Sun.
It strikes me that you're taking Intro Physics AND Differential Equations simultaneously. Usually, people take physics long before DiffEq.