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how do i solve this?

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Katherine P. | Experienced Math and Test Prep TutorExperienced Math and Test Prep Tutor
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At first glance, you might be unsure of what you're solving for in this equation, since there are 2 variables. Do you notice any similarities between the left and right sides?
Both sides have a v, which means this variable will cancel out and disappear from your equation.
Now you know you are solving for x. Let's swap sides because I like keeping the variable on the left.
3x = 2(5)
Now isolate the variable by dividing both sides by 3.
x = (2*5)/3
x = 10/3 (or you can write it as a decimal or mixed number)
Hope this helps!
Melissa H. | Effective & creative Mathematics tutorEffective & creative Mathematics tutor
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Divide by v first and then try to solve. You can do it!