Suneet P.

asked • 07/19/15

hard geometry question

Four distinct points are chosen at random on a circle. LIne segments are then drawn connecting every possible pair of these points. Theses line segments divide the interior of the circle into how many  individual nonoverlapping regions of nonzero area?
A) 2
I keep on getting the answer c because I made a square connecting the points. However that answer is obiously wrong and I don't know how. I am seriously stuck and I need some major help on this. THANK YOU!!!!!!

1 Expert Answer


Robert F. answered • 07/19/15

A Retired Professor to Tutor Math and Physics

David W.

Using the approach that the line segments collectively divide the circle, please explain how the (non-zero area) regions thus produced could possibly be "overlapping."  Could it be that the problem means that each line segment creates two regions and wants to know how many such non-over-lapping regions there are (overlapping regions are not counted)?


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