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What is 7(t-4) in distributive property ?

What is 7(t-4) in algebraic distributive property and it has to be simplified 

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Hi Jenah,

Think of distribution, when you distribute something to a group of people, you give everyone something. The same thing goes for the distribution property. We take the number outside the parenthesis and distribute, or give to, it to each term in the parenthesis.

so 7(t - 4) = 7xt - 7x4 = 7t - 28.

Distribution is the reverse of factoring. If you were given 7t - 28, then you would break down the 28 into 7x4

7t - 28 = (7)t - (7)4 = 7(t - 4). 

I bring this up since they go hand in hand.