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write the equation in standard form for the line that is perpendicular to the graph of y=5x+1 and has a y-intercept of 4

its a math question

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Since the slope of the line is -1/5, and the y-intercept is 4, the equation of the line is,

y = (-1/5)x + 4

Multiply both sides by 5 and put into standard form,

x + 5y = 20 <==Answer

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first look at the equation you’re given. It’s in y-intercept form. The slope is 5.

A line perpendicular to it has a slope that is the opposite reciprocal, -1/5. You are told that the y-intercept of the line is 4, so the equation for the line in y-intercept form is y= -1/5x+4

Then convert this equation of the line into standard form.

Y= -1/5x+4
Subtract -1/5 from both sides.
You end up with y+ 1/5x=4