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write an algebraic expression to represent the area of the triangle. Then evaluate it to find the area when h= 12 inches

right angled triangle used     height is h and length is h+6

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2 Answers

Atriangle = (b*h)/2


If we plug h=h and b=h+6 into the above formula, we get:

Atriangle = ((h+6)*h)/2

    = (h^2+6h)/2            distribute h across (h+6)


If we plug h=12 into the above formula, we get:

Atriangle = ((12)^2+6(12))/2

     = (144+6(12))/2             squared 12

     = (144+72)/2                 multiplied 6*12

     = 216/2                         added 144+72

     = 108                            divided 216 by 2

Use the formula for the area of a triangle: A = 0.5(b * h).  Since the height = h, and the base = h + 6, make the appropriate substitution into the formula and simplify.  HINT: you'll get a quadratic expression in h2.  Then evaluate the expression for h = 12 inches.