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Wats n-3/8=1/8

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5 Answers

We can multiply all the terms on bot sides by 8. Then the equation becomes 8n-3=1. 

We add 3 on each side, 8n-3+3=1+3


Now we divide each side by 8


n-3/8=1/8        Equation

 +3/8=+3/8      Add 3/8 to both sides to eliminate -3/8 on the left side.

n=1/8+3/8       Fraction addition with a common denominator.

n=4/8=1/2       Final fraction answer in lowest terms since the GCF between the numerator and denominator is 4.


Other way to do it it move -3/8 to the other side of the equation:

n - 3/8 = 1/8

When you move a term to the other side of the equation, the sign must change( if it is negative to positive; if it is positive to negative)

n = 1/8 + 3/8

Then, n= 4/8 = 1/2