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what is 2% of 5.100?

 a.10 b.102 ,c.204 or d.255

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5 Answers

5.100 x 2%/100%  <-- this is how we convert the percentage to a decimal so that we can work with it

5.1 x 0.02  <-- notice I dropped those 00's after the tenths place, we don't need them, test makers use tricks like that to make a problem seem more difficult than it really is

0.102 <-- which is answer option b.


Hope this helps!

Let's look at a simpler number.  Multiply 5.100 by 1000 which = 5,100

Since 2% is 2 out of 100 and since there are 51 of 100s in 5,100

Then 51 X 2 = 102

After, you divide by 1000 and you have .102 which is choice B)

The answer is B) 0.102.

If you would like to do it in your head, you can move the decimal (of 5.1) two places to the left, which will give you .051 which is equivalent to 1%. Then multiply this (.051) by 2 and you will have 2% of 5.1, which is .102

Rule: Anytime you need to find 10% move the decimal to the left once. Anytime you need to find 1% move the decimal to the left two places.

(B) .102

You multiple 5.100 by .02 (which is what we get after converting 2% to a decimal).