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I have trouble with this problem. It doesn't seem to make sense.

When a certain chemical is added to water, the water gets hotter. A formula for the water's temperature,t, in degrees Celsius, is t = 24 + 8m, where m is the amount of chemical added, in kilograms. Complete the missing the following table of values for the missing values m and t.

This is the table: m (kg) 0 5 9 48 72

In that table I put 3 between 0 & 5. I put 7 between 5 & 9. I put 24 Below the 0 and I don't know what goes between 48 & 72 and below the 9.

Help Please! Thank you very much!

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2 Answers

Robert's answer looks good, the missing numbers in the table make sense this way. It makes more sense that 48 and 72 are values of temperature, rather than adding 48Kg or 72Kg of a chemical to a vat of water... which according to the formula, would result in water temperatures of 408C and 600C respectively.

Though, you may need to fill in the values in the table for m as 0Kg all the way through 9Kg (as opposed to just 1, 3, 5, 7, 9) as 72C would correspond to 6Kg, from the formula (t-24)/8=m where t = 72.


Hello Anne. Without seeing the table, I'm not sure if I will be able to understand the whole problem. Here is my best.

The table probably has two columns or two rows where the numbers go. One row might have temperature (t) values and the other would have amount or mass of chemical (m) values.

For every blank t value, do you have the m value? If so, find the missing t by plugging the m value into the formula, t = 24+8m

For example, if there is a blank t value in one box, and the m value directly over or beside the blank is 3, the missing t value is 24+8(3)=48

It might look like this:

m t
0 24
3 48
5 64
7 80
9 96

Or like this:
0     3     5     7     9  

24   48   64   80   96

If this does not match up with what you see, please describe the table.

Good luck,


PS To find missing m values, solve the formula for m and use your known t values.

t=24+8m becomes



I kind of understand this but in the table it looks like this:

m (kg)  0    3    5    7    9
t (°C)  24   48        72   96

I'm not sure how you got 80 below the 7. I don't know what will go under the 5. 

I'm sorry for asking too much. Thanks.

Is there room for missing values of m? The formula t=24+8m gives t = 80C when m = 7kg, as t = 24+8*7 = 80.

For m = 5kg, t = 24+8*5 = 64

For m = 6kg, t = 24+8*6 = 72.