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If f(x) = x + 4, find f(3).

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This question is asking you to put the number 3 wherever you see an x.

So, if we do that, we'll then have the equation f(3) = 3 + 4, which simplifies to f(3) = 7.

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Simply replace f(x) with 3, which now gives you f(x)= 3 + 4. Add those numbers together, and f(3) gives you 7.
f(x) = x + 4
f(3) = (3) + 4
f(3) =7
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we need f(3)

so we just replace the value of x to 3 and replace in the original function of x or f(x)=x+4


=7    thats your answer


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x = 3

so 3 = 3 + 4

and 3 + 4 = 7

so the answer is 3 = 7

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Let's start with some basic information.

f(x) means the function of x, just like with a slope equation or a y equation. If it makes it easier, you can think of f(x) to be the same as y. All it does is explain the relationship between f(x) or y to variable x.

So if f(x) = x+4, that means that for any value (x), f(x) is equal to x+4.

Now, the question asks, what if x was equal to 3?

This changes the original f(x)= x+4

to f(3)= 3+4

Then you just do the addition: 3+4= 7

Therefore: f(3)= 3+4, f(3)= 7