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need formula to find out how many yards of concerte to order for my patio it is 15 x 11x 4in thick

need to know the formula to find out how many yards of cement to order for my patio it measures 15x11x4 4in. thick thank you Lovona


Lovona, please, formulate your question correctly. Yard is linear unit of measure. What is the unit measure for length and width? And, the most important, if you are doing home improvement then tell us what kind concrete (blocks, or powder) you will use. If it is the problem from a textbook, then copy it exactly.
Thank you.

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Sounds like a volume problem to me. Calculate the total volume of the patio. Convert units.

V = L x W x H

123in3 = 1 ft3

33ft3 = 1 yd3

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Concrete is ordered by the cubic yard . Measurements need to be in the same unit, i.e. feet, so you need you convert the yards and inch numbers. Since the volume of a cube is the product of the side measurements, a cubic yard is 27 cubic feet. Now find out how many cubic yards your patio needs by multiplying the dimensions (in feet) of your patio. Change 4 inches to 1/3 foot and multiply 15 x 11 x 1/3 and you get 55 cubic feet. To determine the number of yards to order, you divide the cubic feet of your patio (55) by the cubic feet in each yard (27) and find that you need 2.037 cubic yards.