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waht is the value of when y= 3x -1

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1 Answer

This question is asking you find the x and y value. You have to solve it in two steps because you will have two answers. You start by plugging zero's into the x and y, one at a time. If you put a zero into the y's space, then you will add one to both sides. Your new equation will read +1=3x. then you will divide both sides by 3 and your answer will be 1/3=x. You see?

Now take the original equation again (y=3x-1) and put a zero where the x is. so now you will have 3 times 0, which is equal to ... 0. Now all that you will have left is y=-1.

So your two answers are 1/3=x and -1=y

Try this problem out y=12x+3, you should get -1/4=x and y=3.


That was perfect! Nicely done.