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What is the answer to this operation

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3 Answers

The way you have written the problem opens it up to misinterpretation.  By putting the comma after the 8+16 you are implying that the 8+16 is to be performed separately which would give you 24.  Then you say divided by 4 with another comma.  This implies that the 24 is divided by 4 prior to going on os you now have 6.  The last part is also ambiguous.  This could imply multiply by "3 minus 6" or "multiply by 3" then minus 6.  If you write it out mathematically, as Kyle did above, you can follow his logic.  If you write it out mathematically as Katherine did you can see her logic and answer.  If the real problem is 8 + 16 / 4 x 3 - 6, then the rules pf PEMDAS apply.  If you look at PEMDAS literally you will get Kyle's answer.  If you look at the way that PEMDAS is meant to work you will know that multiplication and division are given equal value just as addition and subtraction are given equal vlaue.  When encountering both of these functions they are to be done from left to right.  So, my answer would be:
8 + 16 / 4 x 3 - 6
8 + 4 x 4 -6
8 + 16 - 6
24 - 6
But, this is not the way you have written it.

Based on your placement of commas in your question, I'm guessing the problem may look something like this:

((8 + 16) / 4) * (3 - 6)

Deal with what is in the parentheses first

(24 / 4) * (3 - 6)

6 * -3

Now multiply,



Post again if your problem was written differently, or just apply the same principles of PEDMAS to your problem.

8+16/4x3-6 ( the symbol / stands for divided by)

If you follow PEMDAS (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction) you start with the  multiplication and division from left to right since there are no parenthesis or exponents. So 16/4=4 and now you have 8+4x3-6. Next 4x3=12 so now you have 8+12-6. Once all multiplication and division is done you move onto addition and subtraction still working left to right so 8+12=20 and 20-6=14.


Of course it is important to know exactly how the equation is written out since parenthesis could change the outcome based on their placement.