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Itachi S.

asked • 04/25/15

Finding concentration!

Please help if you're able. I really don't understand this at all. 
A student has a flask containing nitric acid (HNO3 (aq)). She is not sure what the concentration of this acidic solution is and decides to perform a titration to determine the concentration. She transfers 10.00mL of the acid into an Erlenmeyer flask. She then places 0.025M sodium hydroxide into a burette. The results are in the following chart. Determine the concentration of the nitric acid using C1V1 = C2V2, show all steps. 
Trial                                                           1                      2                 3
Final burette reading (mL)                      15.00               30.05            45.10 
Initial burette reading (mL)                      0.00               15.00            30.05
Volume of NaOH added                               ?                      ?                   ?
Average volume of NaOH added                                         ? 

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Derek S. answered • 04/25/15

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