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I need help solving the equation: 6x= 7 - 4y

Can you please help me solve this?


Please check if the question you have given here  is complete.

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Uma L. | Math and Entrance Exam TutorMath and Entrance Exam Tutor

You have two unknown variables (x and y)

The question probably asked to solve for both or x or y. In any case you need TWO equations, since there are two unknowns. The question is therefore incomplete without a second equation

What is the complete question?

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My assumption without more information is that you need to put the equaton into a different form

6x= 7 - 4y  --> this is the equation of a line

There are multiple forms such an equation can take

the most recognizable is the 'slope intercept' form which is y = ax + b with b being the intercept

meaning that the line goes through point (0,b)

So if you take your equation 6x= 7 - 4y and get y 'positive, by itself, on one side of the equation'

6x = 7 - 4y  ===> add 7 to BOTH sides  of the equation

+7     +7

6x + 7 = -4y  ===> divice BOTH sides by -4

-(6/4)x - 7/4 = y

change irregular fractions to mized numbers

-1.5x - 1.75 = y ... SLOPE INTERCEPT FORM this tells you that the line goes through (0, -1.75)

AND the slope of the line is -1.5 or -6/4 ...


Standard form of 6x= 7 - 4y

6x = 7 - 4y ==> ADD 4y to BOTH sides of the equation

+4y     +4y

6x + 4y = 7 (this fits the Standard Form Ax + By = C)


The equation of a line can be shown in

Standard Form ==> Ax + By = C

Slope Intercept Form ==> y = mx + b

Poit-Slope Form ==> (y - y1) = m(x - x1)


Hi Adryana,

Susan L has given an excellent answer! She has covered all ways to solve it. Algebraically, as Gayatri and others have said, you need as many equations as number of variables. SO you need two equations. But Susan pointed out, you may solve it graphically by plotting the points obtained . Just my 2 cents here :)

Gayathri J. | GMAT Math and Essay CoachingGMAT Math and Essay Coaching

Hi Adryana,


There is a basic rule in solving equations with varibles


We need as many equations as there are unknowns in an equation. Here, X and Y are unknowns( variables) and so We need 2 equations to solve for X and Y


IS the question you have given here complete? or is there any additional data given in this problem?