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A rectangle garden with an area of 960 m2 in a school which measures 1 km by 800 m. Find the area besides the garden.

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2 Answers

Here is a method for the problem

1. Find the total area (the school) by converting 1 kilometer into meters and multiplying that by 800 meters. This should give you the total area (the school) in square-meters.

2. Subtract the area of 960 square-meters (the garden) that you don't want to count from the total area (the school). This should result in your desired answer in units of square-meters.

You are given the area of the garden (960 m2) and the dimensions of the school that the garden is in (1 km by 800 m).

To find the total area excluding the garden, we first need to calculate the area of the school that the garden is in. Once we have that, subtracting the area of the garden from the total area of the school gives us the area without the garden.

Area of school = (1 km) · (800 m) 

     ==> Before we go any further, the units of the dimensions have to be the same. Convert the measurement given in kilometers (km) into meters (m). Since there are 1000 meters in 1 kilometer, multiply 1 km by 1000m/1km:

     (1 km)·(1000 m/1 km) = (1 km·1000 m)/(1 km) = 1000 m 

Area of school = (1 km)·(800 m)

                     = (1000 m)·(800 m)

                     = 800,000 m2

Total area excluding the garden =   Area of school  -  Area of garden 

                                               = 800,000 m2  -  960 m2

                                               = 799,040 m2