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need to see the steps so i can simplify need help

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2 Answers

We can look at the problem as

 (a*a) - (2b*2b)                                                      a                               

________________  .            We know that            _____        = 1      

      (a+2b)                                                              a


 So we now have        a - (2b*2b)                         





   ____       = 1             so we are left with    a-2b    which is the answer.




The difference of squares states: a2 - b2 = (a + b)(a - b)

Assuming that your fraction is:  (a2 - 4b2)/(a + 2b)

The numerator could be rewritten: [(a)2 - (2b)2]/(a + 2b)

Using difference of squares, the numerator could be factored:  [(a - 2b)(a + 2b)]/(a + 2b)

Since both the numerator and the denominator contain (a + 2b), the factors cancel leaving: a - 2b

The final answer is a - 2b.