Find an equation for the plane through the points (5,3,4),(−1,0,2),(0,2,−1).

Find the equation. The plane is: ______ ?

Find the linear equation of the plane through the origin and perpendicular to the vector ⟨−5,4,4⟩.

Find the linear equation of the plane through the origin and perpendicular to the vector ⟨−5,4,4⟩.

volume of the solid formed by the revolving region

volume of the solid formed by the revolving region bounded by:y=√4-x2, x=0, y=0 about the y axis


Formula for a rational function

Give a formula for a rational function f(x) that satisfies: • f(2) is undefined • limx→(2) f(x) = 0 • lim x→(−3+) f(x) = ∞ • lim x→(−3−) f(x) = −∞ Your formula can have numerator and denominator... more

Each day, Talisa exercises by first stretching and then swimming some laps, as shown in the table. Use the table of her exercise data.

Laps 5 6 7 8 9 Time (min) 25 28 29 30 32 Which could be an equation of a trend line for the data?A. y = 12x + 15B. y = 2x + 15C. y = 12x + 25D. y = 2x + 25


Calculus Question

3 sin2 x + 2 sin x = 1One answer isa. 0°b. 90°c. 270° d. 180°My answer is cAnother set of answers isa. { 19° 28' , 340° 32'}b. { 19° 28' , 160° 32'}c. { 160° 32' , 199° 28' }d. { 199° 28' , 340°... more


Whats the correct answer?

Jacob determined the zeroes of a quadratic function to be -7 and 3. Which expression can be used to represent this function? A.x2+10x–21B.x2–7x+3C.x2+4x-21D.x2+3x-7

Rational Equations

1.During the winter Olympics, a downhill skier had to complete two qualifying heats to make it to the metal round. She finished her first run in 2 minutes and her second run in 3 minutes. Both runs... more


Anyone, please help me with this. I sincerely cannot understand this question. I keep getting different answers, I don't know what to do anymore.Triangle XYZ was dilated by a scale factor of 2 to... more

how do you factor f(x)=-x^3-x^2+4x+4

Calculus problem

Find Options: 6x 3x2 + h2 +7 3x2 + 7 6x + 7


1/2% of what is 5

Probability with marbles

Container A has 3 blue marbles and 2 purple marbles and Container B has 1 purple marble and 3 green marbles and 1 blue marble. An experiment consists of randomly selecting a marble from Container... more


What is the remainder if the equation is divided by (x-5)

(X)=2x^3-8x^2-5x-25 what is the reminder of f the equation is divided by (x-5)

h(x)=x^2-4x g(x)=3x-3 Find (h*g)(1)


A line has has a slope of zero which of the following points could the line pass through

A. (12,9) and (12,6)B. (3,-6) and (7,-6) C. (1,4) and (2,5)D. (-9,7) and (9,-7)


How do I get this into slope intercept form ? -x=4y-16


Write equations of parallel & perpendicular lines

Write the equation of a line that is perpendicular to y=-1 and that passes through the point (8,-4)

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