What is the use of discolouring carbon/activated charcoal in the extraction of lactose from milk?

I get that activated charcoal is used to decolourise the solution but I want to know why we need to decolorize the solution.


Which of the following is an advantage to ectothermy versus endothermy?

Ectothermic animals can inhabit a wider range of habitats.Ectothermic animals require less food.Ectothermic animals can live in the water and endothermic animals cannot.Ectothermic animals can... more


Cricket Lab Question

Knowing the overall equation for respiration, what other substances are the crickets producing besides carbon dioxide? (2 or more detailed sentences)


Substrate-level phosphorylation 

18.Substrate-level phosphorylation           (A) Energy released from ATP hydrolysis is used to phosphorylate the substrate      (B) Energy released from the chemical reaction is used to directly... more


All of the following are female parts of a flower except?

The style? The stigma?The anther?


Which of the following is the order of cellular events in the cell cycle, starting with first growth?

a. first growth, DNA synthesis, nuclear division, cytoplasmic division, second growthb. first growth, second growth, DNA synthesis, nuclear division, cytoplasmic divisionc. first growth, nuclear... more


Which of the following is the order of phases in the cell cycle, starting with G1?

a. G1, S, G2, M cytokinesisb. G1, G2, S, cytokinesis, Mc. G1, M, Cytokinesis, G2, Sd. G1, G2, cytokinesis, M, S

How do we look inside the cell?

My sister is in 9th grade biology and her teacher avoided answering the question of how we actually study the inside of a cell. I haven't taken biology in a while but I'd like to give her an... more


What enzymes are involved in photosynthesis?

How was the Huntington's disease gene's location found?

I read in the book "Why we get sick." by Nesse and Williams that:> Steady detective work and fabulous luck have enabled geneticists to> pinpoint the Huntington's gene on the short arm of... more

Could hydrogen replace oxygen in cellular respiration?

I was wondering what oxygen actually does in the body. I have seen a few answers to other questions that involve the electron chain and I am really not sure what that is. So I was wondering what... more


What are the main structures of chloroplasts?


Biology Gene Expression Word Problem

What is the amino acid sequence that would be produced given the following sequence of RNA nucleotides in a strand of mRNA?:5’ A C U G G U G C U 3’

Why do we get runny noses in the cold?

The most annoying thing for me about being cold is a runny nose. Is there an advantage to having a runny nose when cold? What does having a runny nose achieve?

Do all bacterial cells have a double membrane?

I’m reading that gram positive and negative bacteria have an inner plasma membrane surrounding the cytoplasm, then a periplasmic space, then an outer membrane. How does this compare to my general... more

Odd man out among the hereditary disease.

What is odd man out among cystic fibrosis , Klinefelter , Hutchinson disease and albinism? Mind that cystic fibrosis is a digestive disease

Is a microspore diploid?

In gymnosperms the plant body is predominantly sporophytic. It produces microspores or megaspores my textbook says that these undergo reduction division in order to form male gametophytes pollen... more


What enzyme is involved in the first stage of breaking down glycogen to glucose-1-phosphate?

Is the enzyme glycogen phosphorylase? or hexokinase?

Are Gram negative bacteria classified as such because of their negative membrane potential?

Does the membrane potential usually quoted for Gram negative bacteria (e.g. E. coli) refer to the potential across both membranes? - If yes, then does the potential fall more over the inner or... more

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