applications geometry

Emily is making tea for her six friends. She is using a slice of lemon. The radius of the lemon slice is 1 inch. If Emily divided the lemon slice equally, like the diagram below, what is the area... more


How do i write this equation is factor formed?

 zeros: 3, -5; degree: 3; 3 has a multiplicity of 2. zeros: 0, -2, 4; degree: 5; 0 has a multiplicity of 3. zeros: 7/2, -3, 8; degree: 3 zeros: -1, 2; degree: 4; -1 has a multiplicity of 3.

HI, I really need some with this problem, please!

Find the first and second derivatives of the following function y=x^3sin(x). If you can, could you please explain how to solve it step by step. Thank you!

Ratios and Proportional Relationships

A mixture of paint calls for 1/6 of a cup of red paint and 2/3 cups of yellow paint. How many cups of red paint would be needed for every 1 cup of yellow paint?


Is y=x^2 a function

Distance of a semicircle

Find the distance around each semicircle. Use 22/7 as an approoximation for pi. The radius is 42cm.

Write your answer as a fraction

James can paint the office​ by himself in 5 hours. Dave can do the same job in 8 hours. How long will it take them to do it working together?


Consider this scenario: The number of people afflicted with the common cold in the winter months steadily decreased by 205 each year from 2005 until 2010, 12025 people are afflicted.

Question 1: Find the linear function that models the number of people inflicted with the common cold, C, as a function of the year, t.Question 2: Find a reasonable domain and range for the function... more

College Algebra quadratic modeling

A rocket is fired upward from some initial distance above the ground. Its height (in feet), h, above the ground t seconds after it is fired is given by h(t)=−16t2+64t+512.What is the rocket's... more


college Algebra constructing a polynomial (see description below)

Not understanding how they are getting their answer -4x3 +32x2 -84x+80constructing a polynomial Third-degree, with zeros of 2-i,2+i, and 4, and a leading coefficient of -4.

College Algebra

Write the following sentence as an equation: y varies directly as x.


Algebra homework

If x-4, x+2, and 3x+6 form a geometric sequence, find x.


Algebra homework

Find the seventh term of a geometric sequence for which a3 = 96 and r = 2.


Algebra homework

Write an equation for the nth term of the geometric sequence 5,10,20,40


Word problems with volume.

What is the volume of the empty space left when three tennis balls with a diameter of 3 in are packed into a cylindrical container that is 9 in tall with the same diameter as the tennis balls? As... more


The formula a=vf-vi/t is used to calculate acceleration.

the change in velocity over the period of time . Solve the formula for the final velocity, vf, in terms of intial velocity, vi, accerlaration . Solve the formula for the final velocity, vf, in... more

a flag has an area of 840 square inches and a perimeter of 118 inches. what are the dimensions of the flag

a flag has an area of 840 square inches and a perimeter of 118 inches. what are the dimensions of the flag

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