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Given the arithmetic series

Given  the Arithmetic series  8 +  11 + 14 +  17 + . . . + 77What is the value of sum?


random variable

A random variable is defined as a process or variable with a numerical outcome. Which of the following are random variables? (please explain the answer as it is very confusing to me) ty The amount... more



The following table shows the expressions that represent the sales of two companies: A ... more


Sled kites rely on wind pressure to retain the shape of the sail...

...Each consists of a single square and two triangular pieces. Kyle has made a model of a Sled kite as shown below. Show that the angles A and B are congruent.


statistic question

A brand name has a 50% recognition rate. Assume the owner of the brand wants to verify that rate by beginning with a small sample of 8 randomly selected consumers.a.) What is the probability that... more


What is the correct method to write measurements in English?

Should it be: **1KG** or **1 KG**? **1M** or **1 M**? **1PM** or **1 PM**? **1GB** or **1 GB**? **1Kmph** or **1 Kmph**? **1Kbps** or **1 Kbps**? or anything else?


what are the next two terms to the geometric sequence -4, 8, -16?

exact values, not decimal approximations

The Plural of Email - Emails?

I debated with my peers that we can use the word **emails** when referring to more than one and it would be grammatically right.> But most of them said since we don't say we received **mails**... more

On the expression "no [noun 1] or any [noun 2]"?

I have often seen the following expressions: [ex.] 1. I have **no** allergies or **any** medical issues. 2. John serves a chicken with **no** sauce or **any** kind of seasoning. I suspect that such... more

Is it incorrect to use a sentence fragment to answer a question?

In an English essay, I wrote: > What am I looking at? People enjoying themselves? I lost points for using a sentence fragment. Is it truly incorrect to use a sentence fragment this way?

What is the least number of seconds that will elapse before they are again together at the staring point?

Two robots run around a circular track 400 m long. One robot runs at a steady rate of 20 m per second, the other at a steady rate of 25 m per second. suppose they start at the same point and the... more

rainstorm question

Greg drove at a constant speed in a rainstorm for 245miles. He took a? break, and the rain stopped He then drove 240miles at a speed that was 5miles per hour faster than his previous speed. If he... more

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