Math word problem

The combined average weight of an okapi and a llama is 450 kilograms. The average weight of 3 llamas is 190 kilograms more than the average weight of one okapi. On average, how much does an okapi... more


a question on my college math homework

A suspension bridge with weight uniformly distributed along its length has twin towers that extend 85 meters above the road surface and are 1600 meters apart. The cables are parabolic in shape and... more


Jean stocked her aquarium with 36 fresh-water fish , which cost $212 . The male fish cost $5 each, while the female fish cost $7 each . Find the number of male fish and the number of female fish ?

I need help with the math because I don’t understand stand the lesson I don’t get how it is explained either

Math ratios word problems

The ratio of green M&Ms to yellow is 2:5. If there are only green and yellow M&Ms in the bag, what is the smallest number of M&Ms possible?

College Algebra Right Triangle Question

The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 10 units long. Find the other two sides if the perimeter of the triangle is 24 units. Separate the numbers by a comma.help please


A question abouth fish and math

The rule for the number of fish in a home aquarium is 1 gallon of water for each inch of fish length. Marta's aquarium holds 34 gallons of water and Hank's aquarium hold 50 gallons of water. The... more


Could you help me solve this math problem before 3:00pm today I don’t get it.

Solve this math problem: Tom has 10 pennies, Ed and Ned have 46 pennies, Ned and Fred have 36 pennies, how many more pennies does Ed have then Tom 


This math is so hard

Robert wants to put lights around the front of his house the house is 12 yards long and 7 yards high. How many feet of lights does he need


Fraction math problem

Each cookie recipe needs 2 1/3 cups of flour. How much flour would be in 3 batches of cookies?


Write a polynomial function of least degree with rational coefficients so that P(x) = 0 has the given root 2-7i

AnswerP(x)=x^2-(answer here)x+(answer here)


Math Question to Ask

The volume of a cube is given by V=x^3, where x is the length of an edge of the cube. the area of a square is given by A=x^2, where x is the length of a side of the square. A given cube... more


Math word problem

A cyclist rode 96 km 2 hours faster than planned, because every hour he rode 1 km more than planned in 1 h 15 min. Find the velocity of the cyclist.


algebra question

A child with a mass of 25 kg is sitting 2 m from the fulcrum of a seesaw. How far from the fulcrum should a 100 kg adult sit in order to balance the seesaw? (You do not need to answer in a complete... more


Need help on my math final please!

A stone is tossed down from a cliff at an initial velocity of 4ft per second. The distance s that the stone falls after t seconds is given by s = 4t^2 +16t. If the cliff is 884 Ft tall, in how many... more


for what value of the constant c is the function f continuous on (−∞ ∞)f(x)={ cx^(2)+2x if x<5 { x^(3)-cx if x>=5 c =


Word problem on math

sarah owns a speciality cand store selling two types of boxes imported chocolate the 4you box is $75 each box and he makes a profit of $30 on each box. the crave4 is 100 per box, and he makes... more

maths problems.

a light flashes every 7 minutes. How many times will it flash in 2 minutes


Need help with this math question

Company X has a mobile app for both iPhone and Android. Overall they have 1,000,000 users who log onto the app an average of 15 times a month. The average iPhone user logs in 9 times a month whilst... more


UNIT circle triangle problem

An equilateral triangle is inscribed in the unit circle. find the exact perimeter of the equilateral triangle. 

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