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Hi! I signed up and was wondering how do I become a tutor and is there any prerequisites? Thank you


Why is there a definite article before "Hague"?

Teaching definite and indefinite articles to Slavic students is very challenging because they don't have articles in their native languages. For instance, I have quite a few students who use "the"... more


Can I end an "est-ce que" question with "est'?

Is the following allowed?> Où est-ce que ma chaise est?I know other ways to say this, that I know to be correct, are "Où est ma chaise?" or "Ma chaise est où?".But "Où est-ce que ma chaise est?"... more

French equivalent of "just in case"?

I'd like to know how a French speaker might express this, especially when nothing specific follows it, e.g.> One of these things is usually enough, but I've bought a second one, just in... more


Gender of non-specific antecedent?

If a noun hasn't been mentioned yet, how do we know what gender it has?For example, suppose I make two cups of coffee, and I want to say to someone, "This one is for you," but I haven't mentioned... more

Why did the characters in "No Exit" agree to torment each other?

Once the characters in *No Exit* realized that they were placed there to torment each other, why didn't they refuse to do so? When Joseph says "eh bien, continuons" ("very well, let's get on with... more

Usage of “d'eau” vs “de l'eau”?

I'm confused about when to use “*d'eau*” and when to use “*de l'eau*”. For example, if someone asks “what is in that carafe?”, I think it is correct to answer “*c'est de l'eau*”. But if you ask for... more

Quand peut-on mettre un adjectif avant ou après un nom ? — When do adjectives go before or after a noun?

Quelles sont les règles quant au placement des adjectifs avant ou après les noms ?Exemples : - *Un **bel** animal* (avec en prime le changement *beau* → *bel*… règle ?) - *Une **belle** maison* -... more

Is "Where do you sit?" correct for asking someone where their workspace is?

At work, if I had to ask someone where exactly they worked, as in where their workspace/cubicle is, what should I say? Is "where do you sit?" the usual thing to say? I'm from India and hear this... more


Complex Question(which contains affirmative and negative)

Dear Representative, I have a grammar question to which I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere... I am aware that lawyers commonly use "Is it correct..." statements when interrogating... more


When do you put a comma before wether?

I like all kinds of foods, wether its Chinese or Mexican.     It all depends on wether or not the weather is good outside.    we will still have the yard sale, weather its raining or shining. 

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