A teacher keeps track of the number of absences in a class each day along with their probabilities.

A teacher keeps track of the number of absences in a class each day along with their probabilities. Her results are in this table. Number of Absences ... more


Could Anyone Help With This Math Question on Probability?

Four friends want to play a game. In order to decide who starts first, two proposals are made.Kristal proposes that they assign everyone a number and take turns rolling a six-sided die. The player... more


[calc 1] How do you simplify/get cos(arccsc(x)) to √(x^2-1)/x ?

Thank you in advance!!!!!

I have another question to ask

A package of 6 fuses are tested where the probability an individual fuse is defective is 0.05.(That is ,5% of all fuses manufactured are defective.)a.What is the probability one fuse will be... more

i need help with this question

An archer shoots arrows at a circular target where the central portion of the target inside is called the bull.The archer hits the bull with probability 1/32.Assume that the archer shoots 96... more


Probability question

A shipment of 8 similar microcomputers to a retail outlet contains 3 that are defective. If a school makes a random purchase of 2 of these computers, find the probability mass function for the... more


Permutation and Combination

1. A mutual fund company has 6 funds that invest in the U.S. market and 4 that invest in international markets. A customer wants to invest in twoU.S. funds and 2 international funds.i. Unknown to... more


What is the probability that the subcommittee consists of 2 men and 1 woman, given that it contains both men and women?

For this problem, assume that the committee contains 10 men and 8 women and that three are selected at random for a subcommittee.


Probabilities of draw without replacement

An urn contains 3 white balls and 9 orange balls. If Sam chooses 8 balls at random from the urn, what is the probability that he will select white2 balls and 6 orange balls? Round your answer to 3... more

Interest Compounded Problem

I am unsure how to solve this problem: You borrow $2500 at 12.25% interest compounded monthly. If you are unable to make any payments the first year, how much do you owe, excluding penalties?

Continuous Compounding Problem

How do I solve this? You lend $100 at 10% continuous interest. If you are repaid 2 months later, what is owed?


What is the domain of y=30x/(x-30) in interval notation?

I got (-∞,30)U(30,∞) but it said I was wrong. Any tips?


trig problem. please explain, is the answer not 9.76 hours?

Outside temperature over a day can be modeled as a sinusoidal function. Suppose you know the temperature varies between 75 and 85 degrees during the day and the average daily temperature first... more


Simplify, as you were taught. Type the answer. It's just a number. cuberoot(12) ● cuberoot(18) =

Simplify, as you were taught. Type the answer. It's just a number. cuberoot(12) ● cuberoot(18) =


What does the letter X equal?

log x + log 3 = log 18x = I got 6 and 6.0001 but it's incorrect.


Question 14 trigonometry

Find the angle between 0 and 2pie in radians that is coterminal to the given angle.

Advance Placement Statistics?

It is estimated that 52% of drivers text while driving. How many people should a police officer expect to pull over until she finds a driver NOT texting while driving?Note this question uses the... more

I have a z values statistics question.

A population is normally distributed with µ=36 and δ=10 What is the probability of randomly selecting a value that is greater than 45?I get 18,41%, but on my lecture slides the answer is : Area... more

Calculus problem, help!

Water is drained out of tank, shaped as an inverted right circular cone that has a radius of 6cm and a height of 12cm, at the rate of 3 cm3/min. At what rate is the depth of the water changing at... more

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