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A car of mass 3000kg travels at a constant velocity of 5.0m/S. Calculate the time it would take a force of 4500N to accelerate the car to a velocity of 30.0m/s.

Can I please have the equations that would be used to calculate as well?:)


The Smith family was one of the first to come to the U.S. They had 7 children. Assuming that the probability of a child being a girl is .5

Continued: find the probability that the Smith family had:at least 6 girls? = 0.0625at most 6 girls? 0.9921875I honestly don't know where to start with this question and I'm supposed to use my... more


Having problem with formula

If you drive 30 miles at 25 mpg, how much energy is used in joules?

System of equations SAT calculator prep problem, didn’t work in Matrixes?

5x + 3y 2y = c - 4x6 = x + y I tried entering into my matrixes and doing A^-1 B , but I got an error. And it’s an SAT prep question so I wouldn’t have time to do the entire system of equations. I... more

Explain how Absolute Values work

To understand the absolute value definition you must believe that IxI = -x for negative x's. using x=-3 as an example, explain in words why multiplying x by -1 produces the same result as taking... more


Last problem on math homework has me stumped for two days, I would appreciate any help on this.

A block-and-tackle pulley hoist is suspended in a warehouse by ropes of lengths 2 m and 3 m. The hoist weighs 390 N. The ropes, fastened at different heights, make angles of 50° and 38° with the... more


How do I solve this word problem

It follows from Kepler's Third Law of planetary motion that the average distance from a planet to the sun (in meters) is d =  GM 4π2 1/3   T2/3where M = 1.99 × 1030 kg is the mass of the... more


You have 12 billiard balls.

You have 12 billiard balls. To the naked eye, they all look identical, and in your hand, they all feel identical. One of the balls, however, is slightly heavier or slightly lighter than the others,... more


I have the question and my answer below

Can someone please double check my work? I got 7/8 on my answer for this...Question: The height of a rider on the Star of Lake Tai Ferris wheel in China can be determined using the following... more


ACT Question on Absolute Value

What is the value of the expression below?⎪⎪−8 + 4⎪ − ⎪3 − 9⎪⎪A. −18B. 0−2C. 00D. 02E. 18

lim (n to inf) [ ln (1+3n+4n^2) - ln(5+6n+2n^2) ]

lim (n to inf) [ ln (1+3n+4n^2) - ln(5+6n+2n^2) ]My Friend and I have trouble on this questionwhat I do is this:lim (n to inf) [(1+3n+4n^2)/(5+6n+2n^2)] and then L'hopital's. the answer I got is... more


The volume of a cylinder is given by the formula V = π r2h. Find the maximum value of V if r + h = 12.

PLEASE HELP, The topic is Applications to maximum and minimum problems

Combinations and Permutations

I understand that most combination word problems use words such as “and” (which means to multiply) and some use the word “or” (which means to add).However, are there any instances where a... more


What is force? How does a constant force output a nonconstant power?

For a constant force, P=Fv. I understand the mathematical derivation of this, but this seems to me, intuitively, to be nonsense. I feel that my discomfort with this comes from a fundamental... more

What atomic forces are acting to resist me pushing an air filled bottle underwater?

Yes air is less dense than water but how does the bottle know to rise or indeed to move? It's not electromagnetism I think. Does this have a relation to gravitational forces? Is it to do with the... more


Help ME PLEASE do not understand.

In a test of the effectiveness of garlic for lowering​ cholesterol, 45 subjects were treated with garlic in a processed tablet form. Cholesterol levels were measured before and after the treatment.... more


Where Gaussian Random Distribution came from?

I'm studying an introduction to probability, and before the explanation of the Central Limit Theorem the author presents the Gaussian Normal Distribution. It has a complex and a non-intuitive... more


Should I reject the null because my P-value is 0.00022?

How are constraint forces represented in Lagrangian mechanics?

Suppose we try to obtain the movement equation for a particle sliding on a sphere (no friction, ideal bodies...). The only forces acting on the particle are its weight and - here's my problem - a... more

How to analyze changes over time statistically

I have narcotic prescription rates for each states for the last 10 years. I want to assess changes over time, but am unsure how to approach the data. I want to know what the general trend is, then... more
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