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asked • 08/18/19

lim (n to inf) [ ln (1+3n+4n^2) - ln(5+6n+2n^2) ]

lim (n to inf) [ ln (1+3n+4n^2) - ln(5+6n+2n^2) ]

My Friend and I have trouble on this question

what I do is this:

lim (n to inf) [(1+3n+4n^2)/(5+6n+2n^2)] and then L'hopital's. the answer I got is 1

My friend write is like this:

ln lim(n to inf) [(1+3n+4n^2)/(5+6n+2n^2)]. she factor n^2. and the final answer is ln(2)

We did similar question at class : lim (n to inf) sin(1/sqrtn) --> sin lim (n to inf) (1/sqrtn)

We want to know what could be possibly wrong?

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