I keep getting this wrong please help

Complete this activity. Include all of your work in your final answer. Submit your solution. Given: f(x)=x^2+2x+1, find f(x+h)and simplify

factor 2sin^2(x)- 5 sin(x)+3

I'm really bad with factorization. Can someone explain me the procedure for solving this type. And if so any general rule or advice that could help me understand overall any procedure of... more


Write an equation in vertex or intercept form as appropriate for each graph or given information

Vertex (-4,3) and through the point (2,-15)


Find the point slope

Find the point slope form for the equation of the line satisfying the conditions.Passing through (5,3) and (8,5)


Standard form of an equation

What is the standard for of this equation? y=2x-10

Equation of the Trig Graph?

Any insight on how to solve this problem will be greatly appreciated.

Find the inverse of f(x)=|x-3|. State whether or not the inverse is a function. If it is not, what do we need to do to make it a function.


How would you solve this composite function?

Find both f(g(x)) and g(f(x)), given that f(x)=1/2x-2 and g(x)=2x+4.


In what interval(s) between 0 and 2π are tanθ and cosθ both negative?

Please walk me through each step and why. It would be greatly appreciated.


math geometry for high school

Polygon ABCD is translated to create polygon A′B′C′D′. Point A is located at (1, 5), and point A′ is located at (-2, 1). What is the distance from B to B′ ? 

Breakeven Question

Sally’s Skate Company offers roller skating lessons. Her facility is her only fixed cost, at $800/month. Her instructor rate (a variable cost) is $60 per hour. She has no other costs. If each... more


Write the rule for g described by the translation of the graph of f

f(x) = x2 vertical shrink by a factor of 1/5 and a reflection in the x-axis, followed by translation 12 units up


Algebra 2 Linear

Suppose you are buying two kinds of chips for a party. Each bag ofpotato chips costs $2.50 and each bag of corn chips costs $2.90. You musthave at least 100 bags of chips for the party and the... more


Subtract 10 from d then divide c by the result


Tangent line with implicit differentiation

Solve the problem by typing the missing quantities on the spaces provided.x^3+y^3=6xy−1 at point (2,3)Write an equation of the tangent line to the graph of the function given implicitly by the... more


How would you convert this exponent to radical form?

Convert the exponent to radical form.(16x^3y^24)^1/5


What is the radius of a circle if the diameter is 18 in


Write an equation that shows a vertical shift of 7 units up.

Write the equation of an absolute value function shifted left 9.


Find length if the width is x+5 cm and height is x-3 cm

The volume of a box is 4x2 +13x2-50x-75 cubic centimeters. Find the length if the width is x+5 centimeters and the height is x-3 centimeters. length =width =thank you to anyone who can help!

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