Need help factoring a polynomial into linear factors.

1 is a zero.h(x) =×^3 +3x^2 +9x -13 express h(x) as a product of linear factors

Help! Solving for Coefficient of Correlation

I have found answers for the first three questions, but I am very confused about the coefficient of correlation for this. I have tried multiple times to answer this and have tried: 0.5713,... more


Linear Programming

A woman seeks to invest no more than $20,000 of her savings in municipal bonds and mutual funds. The amount she will invest in municipal bonds will be at least three times the amount she will... more

Write a sinsoidal equation that has: maximum points (π/6, 14) (π, 14) and minimum points (-π/4, -10) (7π/12, -10)

I was able to figure out that the amplitude is 12 and the vertical shift is 2 but I am struggling to figure out the period and the phase shift.

What function represents a translation of the logarithmic function f(x) = log2 x that is 2 units to the right and 4 units up?

f(x)=?State it's domain: all real numbers x < 2     x < 4 x > 2 x > 4 Select Range: y < 2 y > 2     all real numbers y < 4 y > 4


transformation of functions

find g(x) where g(x) is the translation 4 units right and 2 units down of f(x)= - (x-3)^2+8


f(x)= 4sin (x−π)+3

Solve the following: amplitude period horizontal shift periodical shift step by step answers please


Slope 0 y intercept (4,-5)

Tere is a line that includes the point (4,-5) and has a slope of 0. What is it's equation in slope intercept form?


Geometry (please help)

What is the area of square DEFG, given D(0,0) and E(3,0)? ]


What are the solutions to 2x squared +7x = 4



Part A: Provide the zeros of the function.Part B: Show all work to support Part A.Part C: Explain why the function is set equal to 0 to answer Part A. Then, explain the significance of the... more


algebra 2 question read description

A model rocket is launched with an initial velocity of 200 ft/s. The height, h, in feet, of the rocket t seconds after the launch is given by h = −16t2 + 200t. How many seconds after launch will... more


Write out how to get to these solutions

Write out how to get these solutions real solutions imaginary solutionsOne solution __ 6x-9-x^2=0__ _________ Two... more


Choose the pair(s) of integers that can be substituted into the equation ax^2+8x+c=0 so that it has one real solution

Choose the pair(s) of integers that can be substituted into the equation ax^2+8x+c=0 so that it has one real solution. a=-2, c=-4 a=-1, c=-16 a=4, c=16 a=8, c=2


Verifying identity: sin^2x tanx = tanx - cosx sinx


Given point A is located at (1, 3). What is the final image of A after this series of transformations?

- Reflect A across the y-axis. - Translate the image such that (𝑥, 𝑦)→(𝑥 − 4, 𝑦 + 2).Answers: (-1,-3)(-3,5)(-3,-1)(-5,5)

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