Use trigonometric identities to transform the left side of the equation to the right side (0 < θ < π/2).

1) sinθ/cosθ + cosθ/sinθ = cscθsecθ2) (tanB + cotB)/tanB=csc^2B


Solve the system of equations using any method

2𝑥 + 3𝑦 + 4𝑧 = 13𝑥 − 4𝑦 + 5𝑧 = −54𝑥 + 5𝑦 + 6𝑧 = 5


Algebra 2 question read descripition

A model rocket is launched with an initial velocity of 160 ft/s. The height, h, in feet, of the rocket t seconds after the launch is given by h = −16t2 + 160t. How many seconds after launch will... more


What is the range of the function f(x) = 3/4|x| – 3?

There is a graph along with this question...


Graphing and stating range

Graph the following equation and state the range y = 1/3x - 2 when x > -3Thank you


need help im confused

Solve each equation for t.  Show the work that leads for your solution. Your answers may be exact or correct to at least 3 places after the decimal point.  5 * 10t  = 250t =  


if f(x)=4x+1 and g(x)=x^2-5 find (f-g)(x)


use natural log

solve 32x = 80


Find h(2) if h(x) = -7x + 14


Find the angle measures

In the figure below, M<1=(x-15) and M<2=4x .Find the angle measures.


Three times the sum of a number and 6 is 5.

translate the sentence into an equation


Minimizing an equation that is subject to inequalities.

I am unsure of how to minimize the equation C = 3x + 7y     that is subject to 4x + y ≥38, 2x + y ≥30, x + 3y ≥30, x ≥ 0, y ≥ 0  Thank you

What is the amplitude of the function?

Below is the graph of a trigonometric function. It intersects its midline at (π, 2.75) and it has a maximum point at point at (4/5 ​π, 6.75). What is the amplitude of the function?(The pi in the... more


please help me i've been stuck on this question forever

Write a system of equations to describe the situation below, solve, and write as an ordered pair (with number of months as x). Two friends, Ann and Malia, are growing out their hair. They plan to... more

Need help ASAP, Approximate value of given logarithm

Use logb2≈0.341 , logb5≈0.783 , logb7≈0.984 to approximate the value of the given logarithm to 3 decimal places. Assume that b › 0 and b≠1logb35≈Thanks

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