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Trigonometry Function Trigonometry Trig


Prove the following trig identities

3, 9 and 7. Use the above numbers to prove only three of these trig identities.sin x/ 1 + cos x = 1 - cos x/sin x1/ 1 + Cos x = csc^2 x - cot x/sinx x-sin x - cos x cot x= - csc x1 + tan x/ 1 + cot... more
Trigonometry Function


Angle theta lies in quadrant 4

Without using a calculator determine which of the following ratios are valid and explain the reasoning cos theta = -0.9874 , tan theta = -2.5726 and sin theta = - 1.1024
Trigonometry Function


Given the points P( -15, 8)

Sketch the angle in standard position, determine the value of the principal angle to the nearest degree and determine the exact value for all six trigonometric ratio(in simplest form).
Trigonometry Function


Given that tan x =3k and x is an acute angle,find the value of each of the following trigonometric function in terms of k.

a)cot xb)cosec xc)sec x
Trigonometry Function


sin^2 x +sin2x = 0.25

sin 2
Trigonometry Function


F(x)=cosx+sinx find f(π/2)

Its related to trigonometry and function as u can see so plz give step by step solution<3

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