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Square Feet


If 24 square feet of fabric weighs 50 ounces, what is the weight of a rectangular piece hat is 12 feet long and 8 feet wide

I need a full explaining of how to do this problem, thanks!
Square Feet Area Width


The area of 1 rectangle is 36 square feet. The area of the 2nd rectangle is 21 square feet. What is the width of both rectangles

A.  3 feet B.  6 feet  C. 7 feet  D.  12 feet
Square Feet


How many square feet of tile do I have?

There are 16 boxes of tile with 8 tiles in each box. Each tile is 8 inches wide by 36 inches long. How much square footage of tile do I have?
Square Feet


How many square feet of tile do I have?

There are 16 boxes of tile with 8 tiles in each box 

How to convert 15.4 square yard to square meter? Rounding to nearest 3 decimals.

Please help! I need a breakdown of how to convert 15.4 square yard to square meter WITHOUT a converter, using a calculator is fine, but is there any number that can help me make these conversions... more
Square Feet


2300 square feet = ?

23002 =?


Find the area of a square with a side length of (b^2c^8)/(3f^5) inches.

Find the area of a square with a side length of (b^2c^8)/(3f^5) inches.


Math Word Problem(Sq. In, Carpet Tiles)

A major convention center, whose floors are covered by square carpet tiles with side lengths of 9 inches laid out in a 48 by 96 array, held a wild conference over the weekend. A local cleaning... more

Geometry square foot

A local restaurant had a dining area of 2750 ft 2. In order to ensure the restaurant is not overcrowded, a population density of 0.1293 people per square foot is Used. What is the maximum number of... more
Square Feet Formula Board Feet


What is the formula to convert board feet to square feet?

I receive wood daily and its all in board feet but I need to convert it to square feet. what is the formula to do that?
Square Feet


Math problem

A rectangular kitchen has an area of 81 square feet. The kitchen is 9 times as many square feet as the pantry. If the rectangular pantry is 3 feet wide, what is the length of the pantry?
Square Feet Math Geometry Math Help


A picture window has a length of 9 feet and a height of 8 feet, with a semicircular cap on each end.

Window Space. A picture window has a length of 9 feet and a height of 8 feet, with a semicircular cap on each end.How much metal trim is needed for the perimeter of the entire window? ___ft How... more


What are its dimensions?

Someone installs 96 feet of electric fencing around a rectangular headquarters. If the headquarters covers 540 square feet, what are its dimensions? 
Square Feet


At 35 cents per foot how much would it make for a hundred feet.

I'm running cable at 35 cents per foot.Im curious as to how much I will have to run to make some good money.
Square Feet


Arthur paints 30 square feet in 2/3 hour. How many square feet does he paint in 1 hour

Square feet
Square Feet


Simplify your answer

One square yard equals 9ft^2. use this information to convert 14.6 yd^2 to square feet.
Square Feet


Cost of linoleum?

The cost of Armstrong marmorette Parchment linoleum is $2.59 per square foot. This price includes the cost installation. Determine the cost for nancy to have this linoleum installed in the kitchen... more
Square Feet Math Algebra Word Problems


Wood floors are being refinished in an office.

If the room is a square with 15 foot 6 inch sides, what will it cost to have the floor refinished at $5.98 per square foot?

Calculus Homework: Length of Fence

A rancher wants to fence in an area of 3000000 square feet in a rectangular field and then divide it in half with a fence down the middle, parallel to one side. What is the shortest length of... more


the area of a rectangle is 21ft^2 , and the length of the rectangle is 1 ft less than twice the width. find the dimensions of the rectangle.

i am doing summer school, and  i can not remember the format/equations to use while solving the dimensions of a rectangle. some help would be great!
Square Feet


Word Problem

Emma bought 2 1/2 yards of cording for the trim around the edge of a square pillow. How much will she use for each side of the pillow?
Square Feet


Emily wants to plant some roses in her square lawn.

If the area of the lawn is 109 square feet, estimate the maximum length to the nearest whole number, of each side of the lawn.
Square Feet


How many feet to fence in yard if 12.5 yards long and 5.5 yards wide

If you want to fence in your yard and want to know how many feet it would be if the dimensions are 12.5 yards long and 5.5 yards wide
Square Feet Multiplacation


do you multiply to find square feet or do you add to find square feet

It is hard to do square feet                                                  

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