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Multiplacation Math Physics


i need help with a momemtnum problem on my homework

a 2kg blob of putty moving at 3 m/s slams into a 2 kg of putty at rest. what is the initial momentum of the two blobs? what must be the final momentum of the two blobs? Also, calculate the velocity... more


Multiply (2x+4)^2.

Multiply (2x+4)^2


Multiply (2x+4)^2.

Multiply (2x+4)^2.
Multiplacation Algebra Fractions


Finding the product of two fractions?

  z3    Times   5    35z             4z2
Multiplacation Math Algebra


Finding the Product and simplifying fractions that contain exponents?

Multiplying these two fractions?  Thank you!!      a2+17a+70      Times         a2+2a-8         a2+3a-10                       a2+20a+100  


what are the steps for example 59*53

what are the steps
Multiplacation Math


what is the most important step to remember about multiplying a three digit factor by a one digit factor?

my son is in 4th grade, it is a question for his math class
Multiplacation Square Feet


do you multiply to find square feet or do you add to find square feet

It is hard to do square feet                                                  

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