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Multiply (2x+4)^2.

Multiply (2x+4)^2.

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(2x+4)2 = (2x+4)(2x+4)

Use the FOIL method: First, Outer, Inner, Last:

First: 2x•2x = 4x2

Outer: 2x•4 = 8x

Inner: 2x•4 = 8x

Last: 4•4 = 16


Which gives you: 4x2+8x+8x+16

Combine like terms: 4x2+16x+16

Hope this helps!

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Hi Monica, You need to realize that this expression means (2x+4)(2x+4). This is what the word 'squared' means. So, we have two binomials that are being multiplied. This calls for the FOIL method! :) FOIL = first, outer, inner, last This is the order at which we need to multiply the binomials. So, first: 2x•2x = 4x^2 Then outer:2x•4 =8x Then inner:4•2x = 8x Then last: 4•4 = 16 So we have this expression: 4x^2+8x+8x+16 We need to combine like terms to simplify. So, the above expression becomes 4x^2 + 16x +16 Easy right? :D Best of luck!
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It's 4x2 + 16x + 16