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Finding the product of two fractions?

  z3    Times   5   

35z             4z2

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Expanding the fraction allows you to see and/or reduce the numerator and the denominator.
From multiplication, across the top we see: 
z^3 x 5 
across the the bottom we get: 
35z x 4z^2 
From expansion we get:
all of the z's at the top cancel the z's at the bottom. The five at the top reduces to 1, and the 35 at the bottom reduces to 7. 
This leaves 1/7*4, which results to 1/28.
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You have 3 z's on the top and 3 z's on the bottom so they cancel out each other, leaving you with 5/35, which is 1/7.


Thanks again Luke, but that's not one of the multiple choices.  I have:

a.) z^3/28z^2

b.) 1/28

c.) 1/28z

I neglected the 4 in the denominator on my first look at it. But my method still applies: cancel the z's, then reduce what you have left of the fraction.