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Multiplying Polynomials


What is 4 less than a certain integer multiplied by 5 more than the multiplier, and the product is less than the square of the integer?

If 4 less than a certain integer is multiplied by 5 more than the integer, the product is 8 less than the square of the integer. Find the integer.
Multiplying Polynomials Algebra Word Problem


the length of a rectangle is four less than three times the width. What is the area of the rectangle?

This is a question related to multiplying polynomials. I don't understand what the width is supposed to be.
Multiplying Polynomials


Find the area of the triangle whose base is (6x - 2y) and height is (8x - 3y).

a. 24x2 + 17xy + 3y2b. 24x2 - 17xy + 3y2c. 24x2 - xy + 3y2d. 24x2 + xy + 3y2
Multiplying Polynomials


A business purchases two computers, one for $6,600 and the other for $9,200.

The first computer is expected to depreciate $1,100 per year and the second $1,700 per year.  Write a polynomial function that gives the value of the second computer after x years.
Multiplying Polynomials


a rectangle is four times as long as it is wide. If the area of the rectangle is 1600cm squared, what are the dimensions

A rectangle is 4 times as long as it is wide. If the area is 1600cm squared, what are the dimensions.
Multiplying Polynomials


Write an expression for the area of a triangle with a base of 2x+3 and a height of 3x-1.

Answer be right and firm.
Multiplying Polynomials


What is the product of 2x-5 and 3x+4

Answer to be right and exact
Multiplying Polynomials


Multiplying polynomials

The number of roses sold since Monday at a flower store can be modeled by the function N(d)=6d+25 and the price per rose can be modeled by P(d)=0.02d2−0.04d+0.49, where d is the number of days... more
Multiplying Polynomials Algebra 1



I don't understand how to solve it.
Multiplying Polynomials Monomials Dividing Polynomials Polynomials


A rectangle is four times as long as it is wide. if the area of the rectangle is 1600 cm squared , what are its dimensions?

I need help figuring out how to find the sides lengths 
Multiplying Polynomials Polynomials Subtracting Polynomials



Adding Polynomials
Multiplying Polynomials


What's the solution to (x-2)(x-7)+(x-2)(x-7)?

I'm having trouble trying to solve this problem. I know about special products but I don't know how to solve this. Please, help.
Multiplying Polynomials


What polynomial in standard form represents the area if the stamp?

You are designing a rectangular rubber stamp. The length of the stamp is 2r+3. The width of the stamp is r-4.
Multiplying Polynomials


Select the product of (7x - 4)(2x + 8).

Select the product of (7x - 4)(2x + 8).   I have the answer of 14x^2+48x-32 is this correct?
Multiplying Polynomials


how to figure out answer

i dont know how to multiply polynomial and show work   (9x+5)(3x-6)
Multiplying Polynomials



Simone used a CAS to multiply 2n-5 by n^2+3n+6 to get 2*n^3+n^2-3*n-30 explain which multiplications were done and combined to get each term in the product 

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