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Coloquialismos Spanish Mexico


Is there a Spanish word for "Tada!"?

Do Spanish speakers use the word "Tada!" or is there another, better one? I am particularly interested in Mexican Spanish. You use it when something is transformed or revealed. For example, when... more
Coloquialismos Spanish Vocabulario


What is roughly equivalent to aka?

I'm after something concise and somewhat common in usage. Would "también llamado" work, or is there something better?
Coloquialismos Spanish Argentina


Argentine slang 're'?

In Argentina I often hear the word (or prefix?) 're' meaning 'very/real/really'Some examples are:> La prueba fue **re** difícil> > La película era **re** chota> >... more


Bueno as hello or greeting?

In the US State I live in, I sometimes hear Spanish speakers greet one another by simply staying "Bueno". I didn't hear this when I was recently in Mexico, although I realize I may just have not... more
Coloquialismos Spanish Expresiones


Equivalent expression for "straw that broke the camel's back"?

Is there an equivalent phrase in Spanish for "the straw that broke the camel's back"? The phrase usually refers to to the final thing that is added to a bunch of things to cause a large reaction... more
Coloquialismos Spanish Abreviaturas


Internet Chat laughter in Spanish?

In English we tend to use: - **lol** = laughing out loud; - **rofl** = rolling on the floor laughing; - **lmao** = laughing my a** off; - **roflmao** = rolling on the floor laughing my a**... more
Coloquialismos Spanish Mexico


How prevalent is the phrase "qué padre"?

Here in Mexico, the slang phrase *qué padre* (or variations such as *muy padre*, etc) are quite common, with the meaning "how cool". Is this just Mexican slang, or do other regions use the same... more
Coloquialismos Spanish Gramática


Cual es el anilisis gramatical de "Como me le va?"?

Vivo en Colombia y con cierta frecuencia escucho la pregunta "Como me le va?" pero nadie me puede explicar porque se usa "me" en este caso.

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