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which is equivalent to the expression 4^4 - 4^-6

i need help with my hpmework
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is square root 49 a interger,real number,rational number,or irrational number

please answer i need help
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One number is 14 less than another. If their sum is increased by seven, the result is 85. Find the numbers

Please help me ! Also thank you ! lol 
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the sum of two numbers is 21 and their difference is 5. What are the two numbers?

Larger number 1st   smaller number 2nd
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a farrier Drives 24km in 8 minuets, how many kilometres per minute

i don’t know what this answer is and im very very confused 


Solve the the square root of 5-2x+5 = 12...

I'm very confused on how to go about finding the right answer. I tried solving it and came up with -67, but I was told it was the wrong answer, and that the true answer is -22. I wish I could show... more
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An equilateral triangle has a perimeter of 72 centimeters find the length of each side of this triangle



Rational root theorem

what would the remainder be if (2x^134-7x^45+x^9-4) is divided by (x+1) ?

find an explicit formula for each sequence

1,11,21,31,41,51             dealing with sequences in pre-calculus 
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Write this polynomial in standard form..... -3+3x-3x

I'm a bit confused on which variable or number would come first, since I see no exponents. (I know there are ones.) How do I rewrite the polynomial in standard form?
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Select all the statements that help you determine the total weight of all the coconuts.

Workers are going to load 20 crates of coconuts onto a freight elevator. Each crate of coconuts contains 15 boxes of coconuts. Each box contains 12 coconuts. The average weight of a coconut is 2.5... more
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what is y= -3/5x-5 in standard form using integers?

Please help me with this problem, I attempted it but I got 3x/5+y=-5 what am I doing wrong please help!
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Describe the relation as a table,as a graph, and as a mapping diagram (1,1),(1,2)

I need help solving this please help me if possible thanks.
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Decide which plan is better/word problem

A. Plan A -- $40,000 invested for 3 years at 1.5% compounded quarterly. Compound Interest   A=P(1+r/m)^n B. Plan B -- $40,000 invested for 3 years at 1.4%, compounded continuously. A=Pe^rt
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A plane encounters a tailwind and averages 289 mph.However on the return trip the plane now traveling against the same wind averages 257 mph.Find the speed of .

I need help with my math homework and its due tomorrow.  Please help!
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If an object is projected upward with an initial velocity of 124ft per sec, its height h after t seconds is h= -16t^2 +124t. What is its height after 4 seconds?

 If an object is projected upward with an initial velocity of 124ft per sec, its height h after t seconds is h= -16t^2 +124t. What is its height after 4 seconds?

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