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Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


express the area of the circle.

An oil slick is expanding as a circle. The radius of the circle is increasing at the rate of 22 meters per day. Express the area of the circle as a function of d, the number of days elapsed.
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822 tickets sold in total, there were 72 more student tickets than adult. How many adult tickets?

A total of 822 tickets were sold for the school play. They were either adult tickets or student tickets. There were 72 more student tickets sold than adult tickets. How many adult tickets were sold?
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


Simplify an equation

-6/-3 or -6 divided by -3  Simplifiy
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


A garden table and a bench cost $797 combined. The garden table costs $97 more than the bench. What is the cost of the bench?

I need help with this math problem.
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


0=2x^2+x-3 Discriminant=b^2-4ac

Can’t seem to figure it out. PLEASE HELP !!!!
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


An executive invests $23,000, some at 7% and some at 5% annual interest. If he receives an annual return of $1,530, how much is invested at each rate?

This is a math problem I'm having trouble with.
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Show how to set up and solve for each part.

David drops a ball from a bridge at an initial height of 100 meters. (a) What is the height of the ball to the nearest tenth of a meter exactly 3 seconds after he releases the ball?(b) How many... more
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hris owed his brother ​$30. He later borrowed from his brother ​$60. What positive or negative number represents​ Chris' present financial​ status?

I could not figure out this question so i need ur help 
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the length of a sand volleyball court is twice its width. The perimeter is 180 feet. Find the length and width of the sand volleyball court

Find the length and width of the sand volleyball court. The perimeter is 180 feet
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem Combining Like Terms


combining like terms of 2(3a^2 + 2ab – 4b) – (2a^2 + 4ab – 5b)

 i need help with homework
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


Create a quadratic polynomial function

Create a quartic polynomial function in standard form with zeros 3, –4, –4, and 1? Show work.
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


Simplify cot^2(x) - csc^2(-x)

This was a multiple choice question, the answer i got was 1, but apparently the answer was -1, how could this be since csc^2(-x) = -csc^2x which would turn the subtraction into positive?
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


Khang and Hector live 88 miles apart in southeastern Missouri. They decide

to bicycle towards each other and meet somewhere in between. Hector's rate of speed is 60% of Khang's. They start out at the same time and meet 5 hours later. Find Hector's rate of speed.
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


The cost of a pen is three times the cost of a pencil. the cost of 4 pencils and three pens is $9.75. what is the cost of a pencil?

Please Save  this for me
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


math word problems

A delivery truck is transporting boxes of two sizes: large and small. The combined weight of a large box and a small box is 70 pounds. The truck is transporting 70 large boxes and 65 small boxes.... more
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


The height of a triangle is 7 cm longer than it's base. The area of the triangle is 60cm^2. What is the base of the triangle?

Can't for the life of me figure this out. 
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


A number increased by 7 is a maximum of 45 written as an inequality

It’s math, and it’s super hard. help
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


Algebra Question

Hi there!   Given the equation a*b*c=c*d where a, b, c, and d are all positive integers and none of the integers are the same, find examples that would make the equation work.   Ex.... more
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


Variations of equations

Suppose r varies directly as the square of m, and inversely as s. If r=15 when m=9 and s=9, find r when m=45 and s=9
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


Solve the system of equations by the addition method. If a system contains decimals, you may want to first clear the equation of decimals.

Solve the system of equations by the addition method. If a system contains decimals, you may want to first clear the equation of decimals.   0.02x+0.02y=-0.12 -0.1x+0.3y=-0.4
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem



Juanita is 13 years older than her cousin. The sun of their ages is no less than 103 years old. What is the youngest age Juanita's cousin can be   Enter your answer in the box. _______ |______|... more
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


Cross Sections and Area

A rain gutter is made from sheets of aluminum that are 1212 inches wide by turning up the edges to form right angles. Determine the depth of the gutter that will maximize its cross- sectional area... more
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


Math Problem

Assume that the box contains 8 balls: 2 red, 2 blue, and 4 yellow. As in the text, you draw one ball, note its color, and if it is yellow replace it. If it is not yellow you do not replace it. You... more
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


I have a world problem question. Which is substitution i think, i really don't know, that's why I am struggling.

Lyle needs 200g of chocolate that is 86% cocoa for a cake recipe. He has one kind of chocolate that is 99% cocoa and another kind that is 70% cocoa. Determine how much of each kind chocolate is... more
Math, Algebra, Equation, Problem


How long, to the nearest whole year will it take money to double if it is invested at 20% compounded annually?

Compound interest problem 

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