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Introduction To Limits Limits Limits Of A Function Finding Limits


Evaluate the limit, if it exists.

lim x-->3    (1/x-1/3)/(x-3)
Introduction To Limits Calculus Behaviour Of Functions


is it possible for equation to have a removable and infinite discontinuity

Given f(x)= 4x^3-36x-4x^2+36/2-3x+x^2 Is it possible for f(x) to have a removable AND and infinite discontinuity at the same point (value of a). Offer support to your answer as to why you think... more
Introduction To Limits


Table of Values

How are the numbers selected when using a table of values to find the limit of a problem like: lim x->2 x^3-8/x-2
Introduction To Limits Calculus Limits Ap Calculus


find the limit of (1-cos2x-cos4x)/x as x->0 and show all work!

fin the limit of (1-cos2x-cos4x)/x as x->0 and show all work!
Introduction To Limits Calculus Limits Ap Calc


lim x as approaches 9=

no graph provided lim x=? x->9
Introduction To Limits


Evaluate the limit as x aproches to -1 of the graphed function

I cant copy an paste the graph but it looks like this   is a straight line with an open circle like this "0" and its location is (-1,-2) the line continues going up to the right of the graph and... more
Introduction To Limits Precalculus


complete the table and use it to evalutate the limit

limx+1/x^2-x-2 x-->2                           table  x   1.9   1.99  1.999  2  2.001  2.01  2.1  f(x)      what is missing is the values of f(x)  

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