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Homework And Exercises Physics Forces Electromagnetism


What's the core difference between the electric and magnetic forces?

I require only a simple answer. One sentence is enough... (It's for high school physics)
Homework And Exercises Physics Forces Friction


Why do we take small steps while walking on ice?

> When we walk on ice we should take small steps. Small steps ensure: > > a.)larger friction. > > b.)small friction. > > c.)larger normal force. > > d.)smaller... more
Homework And Exercises Physics Forces Buoyancy


What is the basic reason behind buoyancy?

Yesterday my friends and I were solving this easy-looking question: > A metal cube is placed in an empty vessel. When water is filled in the vessel so that the cube is completely immersed in... more
Homework And Exercises Physics Forces String


When is tension constant in a rope?

Suppose we have a massless rope with pulling forces applied at each end. In which scenarios is the tension in the rope constant throughout? For example if there is a knot in the rope the tension is... more
Homework And Exercises Physics Forces Momentum


Ball flying towards me or me flying towards ball?

Suppose a ball is flying towards me at a speed of 10m/s and that, on impact, I feel "x" amount of pain. If, instead, it was me flying towards the ball at the same speed, with all other conditions... more
Homework And Exercises Physics Forces Spring


Do two springs compressed springs placed against each other obey Newton's third law?

I've been mulling over the following scenario. Say I take two springs whose force is given by some well-defined function of position (for example, Hooke's law F=kx will do). Using this law, I... more
Homework And Exercises Physics Forces String


How could a cord withstand a force greater than its breaking strength?

How could a 100 N object be lowered from a roof using a cord with a breaking strength of 80 N without breaking the cord? My attempt to answer this question is that we could use a counter weight.... more
Homework And Exercises Physics Forces Electricity


Calculating electric motor's weight lifting ability knowing power. What else do I need to know?

So, my company works with electric motors, and my boss wanted me to calculate how much weight could be lifted by a motor rated at 750W. I know that I can't just calculate the work done by it... more

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