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Electric Field &charges Ap Physics Electric Potential


Relating electric field to electric potential

Two equal positive charges are separated by a distance R and are moved to a distance 4R away from each other. What happens to the electric field and electric potential at point P, midway between... more


Angled electric field

A charged object of mass 0.004 kg is suspended by a string in a uniform electric field of magnitude 540000 N/C. The electric field, angled 42º above the horizontal, causes the object to be in... more
Electric Field &charges Physics Electric Force Coulumbs Law


Electric Fields and Forces

A charge of -6.4 μC is fixed on the x axis at the x=-4.0 m, while a charge of +1.6 μC is fixed at the origin   Which points on the x axis at which the net electric field is zero?
Electric Field &charges


Three point charges are arranged on the line, what is the electric potential of the system?

Three point charges are arranged on the line. Charge q1=-5nC and is at x=-4cm, charge q2=-3nC and is at x=4cm, charge q3=+3nC and is at x=2cm. What is the electric potential energy of this system?
Electric Field &charges Chemistry Electricity Electrical Energy


I don't understand charging by contact a neutral object and negatively charged rod.

Please explain how to do charging by contact with a neutral electroscope and a negatively charged rod 
Electric Field &charges Physics Expressions Physics B


Gauss's Law: Find expression for the electric field

A slab of nonconductive material is perpendicular to the z-axis, centered on the origin, has a total thickness of 40 mm, and is infinite along the other two axes. It has a uniform volumetric charge... more
Electric Field &charges Physics Physics B


Find Electric Field along z-axis

An infinite number of identical charged rings of radius w and charge Q are arranged coaxially along the z- axis such that each adjacent pair is a distance w apart and one lies with the origin in... more
Electric Field &charges Physics Physics B Electric Fields


Electric Fields

Find the electric field vector at the origin due to an infinitely long, straight line bearing a uniform linear charge density of 360 fC/m. The line charge is tilted at π/4 radians such that it runs... more
Electric Field &charges


two point charges 4MC&9MC are seperated by 50CM find the potential at the point between them where the field is zero.

F=1/4π∈ Q/r2 F1=F2

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