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magnetism/ college-level physics HELP ASAP

positively charged particle is stationary in a constant magnetic field within a region of space. Which one of the following statements concerning the particle is true? The particle will not move.... more

Physics/Magnetism Question

A scrapyard uses a big electromagnet to move around large metal objects such as cars and appliances. If the operator needed to drop a car to a new space, what would he need to do for this to... more

Physics/Magnetism Question

An electromagnet is a type of magnet in which the magnetic field is produced by an electric current. It consists of a solenoid (wire) wrapped around a bar of iron or other ferromagnetic material. A... more


Which one of the following statements best explains why a constant magnetic field can do no work on a moving charged particle?

Which one of the following statements bestexplains why a constant magnetic field can do no work on a moving charged particle?A) The magnetic field is conservative.B) The magnetic force is a... more


Discussion and Question

Can someone discuss the required equations in order ro determine the work done by magnetic force in moving charge along the radial line, between the centre and the rim? State the relation between... more
Magnetism Physics


electron and proton movement through magnetic fields

I was wondering what causes protons and electrons to move in opposite directions when entering a constant magnetic field. I know that they both move in circular paths but I do not know how to tell... more


only ferromagnetic materials are affected bu magnetic force

I am asking a question about magnitism. 

physics magnetism

An electron travels at a constant speed of 3.40 × 106 m/s towards the left of this page. It then enters a uniform magnetic field and experiences a maximum force of 4.65 × 10-8 N that points towards... more


Magnetic field Are lines that curve away from each other show

so I'm not sure on this question, I've tried and tried but I'm not sure  


Moving Charges & Magnetism

A proton of energy 8ev moving circular path in uniform magnetic field.the energy of an Alfa particle moving in same mag field and along same path will be?


How do I determine the rate of flux change in circuit in which 15 V is induced in a 30-turn coil?

How do I determine the rate of flux change in a circuit in which 15 volts is induced in a 30-turn coil?


A wire is bet in the form of semi circular ring of radius 0.9m and current 1amp and magnetic induction is n×10^-7tesla find value of n?

I need the answer immediately pls urgent


I know that they repel but I don't get the work done and energy conversion

Two positive charges are brought closer together. Describe the work done and the energy conversion that occurs.


Magnetic Force

What is the magnetic force on a particle that has –3.2 × 10–19 C of charge and is moving at 2.5 × 107 m/s to the right through a magnetic field that is 0.24 T and pointing away from you? Specify... more


Current in a resistor? Resistance?

a. What is the current in a 40.0 Ω resistor that has a voltage drop of 14.0 V across it?b. What is the equivalent resistance of a 3.0 Ω resistor, a 6.0 Ω resistor, and a 4.0 Ω resistor connected in... more


Power of a light bulb?

What is the power of a light bulb that has a resistance of 144.0 Ω at 120.0 V?


Electric potential energy? Capacitance?

a. Calculate the electric potential energy stored in a 1.7 × 10–11 F capacitor that stores 3.40 × 10–10 C of charge at 20.0 V.   b. Calculate the capacitance of a system that stores 8.0 × 10–10 C... more


Electric force?

Calculate the electric force that exists between two objects that are 7.3 × 10–2 m apart and carry charges of 4.5 × 10–6 C and –7.2 × 10–6 C. Is this force attractive or repulsive?


An electron and proton moving with the same velocity enter a uniform magnetic field. which one of them experiences more force?

An electron and proton moving with the same velocity enter a uniform magnetic field. which one of them experiences more force?

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