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What is the possessive for several names?

If Alice and Bob each has a house, are these "Alice and Bob's houses" or "Alice's and Bob's houses"?Does that change anything if each of the houses belongs to both of them?
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Is there a rule that prohibits us from using 2 possessives in a row?

An English teacher made a comment on my usage of the phrase, "Our last week's meeting", saying that it should be, "last week's meeting", is there a rule for this?
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J.A. Gagarin's flight vs J.A. Gagarin flight?

1) Is it Ok to leave the initials or would you drop them? Writing his name in full seems odd since it isn't Gagarin who is the point of discussion. 2) Is it Gagarin's or Gagarin? Is there any... more
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Is it natural to use the possessive adjective in "their olive trees"?

Does the following sentence sound natural? >1. They harvest their olive trees in autumn. Can I say: *their* olive trees or does it sound more natural without "their"? >2. They harvest... more


Is there an apostrophe in a master's degree?

The question asks it all really. When referring to a master's degree, do you use an apostrophe or not? That is, is it "a master's" or "a masters"?

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